Preventing gate motor theft requires a combination of security measures.

Gate motor Theft

Written by FNA

15 April 2024

10 Tips for preventing gate motor theft:

  1. Install a robust gate motor:
    Choose a gate motor with strong security features and tamper-resistant mechanisms.
  2. Use security cameras:
    Install surveillance cameras around your property, focusing on the gate area, to deter potential thieves and capture any suspicious activity.
  3. Motion sensor lights:
    Install motion-activated lights near the gate to illuminate the area if someone approaches, making it less appealing for thieves to attempt theft.
  4. Secure access control:
    Implement secure access control measures, such as keypads, remote controls, or biometric systems, to limit who can operate the gate.
  5. Locks and bolts:
    Use additional locks and bolts to secure the gate motor, making it more difficult for thieves to remove or tamper with it.
  6. Alarm system:
    Connect the gate motor to your home security alarm system, as an early warning of tampering.
  7. Secure fencing:
    Ensure your property’s perimeter fencing is secure and difficult to climb over, adding another layer of protection against theft.
  8. Regular maintenance:
    Keep the gate motor well-maintained to prevent vulnerabilities that could be exploited by thieves.
  9. Be vigilant:
    Stay vigilant and report any suspicious activity to our security manager or your security provider immediately.
  10. Join the Fichardt Park Neighbourhood Association to stay informed via our FICH-Net radio network and daily crime reports.

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