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Neighbourhood Management

Neighbourhood management involves various strategies and activities aimed at improving and maintaining the quality of life within a particular community or neighbourhood. It typically includes tasks like organising events, maintaining public spaces, fostering community engagement, addressing local concerns or issues, and collaborating with local authorities to ensure the well-being of residents. It’s about creating a sense of belonging, safety, and harmony within a specific area.

Therefore, the Fichardt Park Neighbourhood Association works tirelessly to ensure that our members and residents enjoy the qualities of a clean, safe, and well-maintained neighbourhood. Without our members’ support, this dream of Fichardt Park being “a place to be” would not have been possible.

Benefits for FNA Members :

  • Members get access to an admin number to report communal matters.
  • ⁠All parks are serviced by the FNA and a service provider is utilised to maintain the parks.
  • The FNA provides infrastructure fault lists to the municipality regularly.
  • A plumbing contractor regularly checks and services the main sewage lines in Fichardt Park.
  • Our team repairs reported potholes in Fichardt Park.
SME Coaching
SME Coaching
SME Coaching
Neighbourhood Management

Frequently Asked Questions:

Even though it is the responsibility of the Municipality, how do you keep the neighbourhood so clean?

We organise clean-up events.
We organise residents to participate in regular clean-up drives or community beautification projects. We have also employed one permanent worker who follows a specific program to maintain our parks, as well as the open spaces in Fichardt Park.

We create awareness.
We educate our residents about waste management, recycling, and the importance of a clean environment, encouraging responsible behaviour among residents.

We collaborate with local authorities.
We liaise daily with municipal services to address specific issues promptly, acting as a liaison between the community and city services.

Implementing Local Initiatives.
We have our own initiatives where we create programs like neighbourhood cleanliness (park program), adopt-a-park programs, or initiatives targeting specific environmental concerns like monthly water testing. By fostering a sense of ownership and community pride, neighbourhood associations motivate residents to actively keep their surroundings clean and pleasant.

Where do I report any faults such as water – and sewage leaks?

The FNA team works together daily to ensure that these faults receive attention. We always ask our members to report these faults to Mangaung Metro Municipality(MMM): 080 011 1300. After you have received a reference number, we will contact the necessary authorities to assist and attend to the specific problem as soon as possible. Another alternative would be to contact Amanda Barnard, our administrator on 073 945 4887, she will guide and assist the member to solve the problem.

The process that we follow is:
– Report to MMM.
– Get your reference number.
– Send the reference number and pictures of the problem to Amanda ( 073 945 4887 ).
– Amanda will communicate with authorities and keep you updated.

What can I do to make a difference in the neighbourhood?
  • You can engage actively. Participate in meetings, discussions, and events organised by the association. This will be communicated through to you.
  • Make sure you share your ideas with our teams.
  • You can propose initiatives or projects that benefit the community.
  • Offer your time and skills for neighbourhood clean-up, events organisation, or any ongoing projects.
  • Make sure you connect with your neighbour: Foster a sense of community by organising social gatherings or activities. Assist neighbours in need or collaborate on improving the neighbourhood’s safety and cleanliness.

Your involvement, even in small ways, can significantly impact the neighbourhood’s atmosphere and well-being.

Did you know?

  • We maintain 23 parks and 6 nature parks within Fichardt Park and its borders. We do preventative maintenance on our sewer system quarterly.
  • We have the largest community radio network in South Africa. Our members receive a crime report daily.
  • Less than 2% of all crimes reported monthly at Park Road Police Station are reported in Fichardt Park.

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