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Orange Bags

We have our own waste removal service. It started due to a need for better environmental waste management. It is motivated by our objective for Fichardt Park to be a neat and clean neighbourhood. This service is punctual and reliable. For more information regarding this additional service, refer to our FAQ section.

Benefits for FNA Members :

  • It empowers homeowners to manage their residential waste responsibly to reduce health risks.
  • Better environmental management.
  • We offer an affordable and reliable service.
  • It contributes to our objective of a crime-free neighbourhood.
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SME Coaching
SME Coaching

Orange Bags

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the monthly cost to be part of the Orange Bag refuse removal?

This service is ONLY available to FNA members.

• Monthly service fee: R70.00
• Pack of bags (20 bags): R35.00

What can I put in my Orange Bags?
Household waste and light garden materials.
Who can be part of the Orange Bag project?
Only FNA members can be part of this service. So do not hesitate, join us today and be free of “waste stress”.
Why did the FNA decide to start the Orange Bag refuse removal project?

Whenever the municipality doesn’t follow certain waste management practices, it results to a great extent in the deterioration of the overall waste management effort. This situation forced the management of the FNA to address the household waste removal issue by introducing a voluntary service for FNA members.

Did you know?

  • We maintain 23 parks and 6 nature parks within Fichardt Park and its borders. We do preventative maintenance on our sewer system quarterly.
  • You have access to a 24-hour service for any emergency. It includes a dedicated ambulance service. The FNA provides all members with an emergency plan upon joining.
  • We have an established recycling programme specifically for Fichardt Park since October 2013.

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