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FICH-Net Radio Network

The radio network serves the geographical areas of the greater Bloemfontein with the main focus on Fichardt Park and Hospital Park. The purpose of the network is to provide effective communication, especially during emergencies.

The FNA community radio network connects the FNA security manager on duty with five known security companies, over 560 radio members, four schools, the hospital and some shopping centres. The FNA provides a 24/7 service where radio members can report suspicious persons/circumstances.

Members may also call for assistance regarding security, emergency situations, medical needs, etc. Assistance is available by pressing one button. Each member receives a unique call sign for identification with which they participate in weekly reporting sessions.

Benefits for FNA Members :

  • The FICH-Net radio network is legally registered with ICASA.
  • The network is administered well; therefore it results in a disciplined system.
  • ⁠The two-way radio is still functional when cellphone networks are down.
  • The network is connected to a repeater to strengthen the signal.
  • The two-way radio is an easy and quick way of communication.
  • The radio is portable and can therefore be carried with you.
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FICH-Net Radio Network

Frequently Asked Questions:

What role does the radio network play in Fichardt Park?

Emergency Communication:
Our radio network plays a vital role in our 100% crime-free plan. The radio is monitored 24/7 by our security manager on duty. A call sign is assigned to each radio member for easy identification. This is the primary way of communication if you are in a challenging situation or in an emergency or to report suspicious activities.

The two-way radio ensures quick and effective communication between the security team and radio members, because the radio coverage footprint is enlarged by means of a repeater.

ICASA-approved UHF radios can be accommodated on our radio network. Radios with a display screen and manual frequency adjustment on a keyboard, will not be accommodated on the FICH-Net radio network.

Information and Education:
New members are trained and they receive a welcome pack with all the necessary operational information.

Members participate in weekly reporting sessions to ensure that the radio is operational and correct procedures are followed.

We encourage all members to train their children to participate under supervision.

If I am a member, is it compulsory to have a radio?
No, it is not compulsory. We also have a 24-hour emergency number that is monitored by our security manager on duty. However, if you are interested in a radio – you can contact Johanna Venter on 083 501 0665 and she will serve you with the necessary advice if you are interested.
What is role of the radio network in crime prevention?

Community radio networks can play a significant role in crime prevention through several means:

Awareness and Education:
We educate the community about crime prevention strategies, safety measures, and local crime trends, empowering residents to take proactive steps to protect themselves, their property and municipal infrastructure in Fichardt Park.

Collaboration with Law Enforcement:
We collaborate with local law enforcement to distribute information about crime hotspots, safety alerts, and emergency procedures, thereby fostering a partnership between the community and law enforcement.

Community Engagement:
Our radio network encourages radio members to share concerns, report suspicious activities. All FNA members receive a daily security update via WhatsApp groups.

Promotion of Safety Initiatives:
We promote safety campaigns, or initiatives aimed at enhancing community security.

Immediate Alerts:
During emergency incidents or criminal activities, our radio network provides real-time updates and alerts assisting members to stay informed and be safe.

By actively engaging with the community, disseminating relevant information, and fostering partnerships with law enforcement, our radio network contributes significantly to crime prevention efforts within their local areas.

What happens if a radio member resigns / relocate or become in arrears with the FNA levy:

When a radio member resigns, relocates or becomes in arrears with the FNA levy, the radio must be deprogrammed as you will no longer qualify to utilise the FNA frequencies. The radio remains YOUR property. 

Will my radio still work during loadshedding?

Yes, because we have professional members on board who consistently manage our system according to the FNA contingency plan.

Members can also purchase a second battery, keeping it fully charged, to ensure a functional radio during loadshedding.

The FICH-Net management team have demonstrated alternative means of charging a radio.

Did you know?

  • We have the largest community radio network in South Africa. Our members receive a crime report daily.
  • Members get a discount on monthly fees from our SLA security companies.
  • All our security managers are PSIRA registered.
  • You have access to a 24-hour service for any emergency. It includes a dedicated ambulance service. The FNA provides all members with an emergency plan upon joining.

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