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Why join the FNA?

Safety & Security

  • 24-hour safety service.
  • Four trained security managers working in shifts.
  • Daily crime reports are distributed to members.
  • Service level agreements were signed with security companies.
  • Service level agreement signed with Priority-Care ambulance service.


  • Refuse is removed where islands and parks are serviced.
  • The FNA services all the parks. The islands are serviced by utilising a service provider.
  • The FNA assists with following up reported matters.
  • A service provider regularly checks the main sewer lines and also provide services, when necessary.
  • Members receive an admin number to report matters.

Refuse Removal

  • The FNA started their own Orange Bag refuse removal service due to poor service delivery from local government.
  • An affordable monthly fee is applicable, and Orange Bags are sold at a fair price at the office.
  • The Orange Bags are removed on Fridays.


  • Each member can assist in reducing refuse spilled at the southern landfill sites.
  • Recycling takes place every second and last Saturday of a month, between 09:00 and 11:00 (in the parking area at the Fichardt Park library).
  • Paper, plastic, tins, and glass can be placed in one bag.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why should I join the Fichardt Park Neighbourhood Association?
The FNA shows growing member numbers due to easy procedures to join.

All actions/projects in Fichardt Park results in higher property values.

Potential buyers gladly invest in housing in Fichardt Park due to the stability of the organisation. Mooirivier Brokers is granting a rebate to FNA members who join their short-term insurance.

I am already paying the municipality for refuse removal why should I pay the FNA as well?

Our Orange Bag refuse removal service is reliable, affordable and includes light garden materials. Our service is provided 52 weeks a year.

It includes a well-managed communication system to ensure good service delivery.The bags are of the highest quality with more added volume (size).

It’s an add-on service for members to promote a healthy environment.

What are your Membership packages?

Currently we offer 2 packages:
1. FNA Membership.
2. FNA Membership + Orange Bag refuse removal service.


1. FNA Membership:

• Residential: R275 p/m
• Townhouse Complex and Retirement Homes: R209 p/m

if you are:
• Age (65+) then Residential: R220 p/m
• Age (65+) then Retirement Homes: R165 p/m

2. FNA Membership + Orange Bags refuse removal:

• Residential: R380 p/m
• Townhouse Complex and Retirement Homes: R314 p/m

if you are:
Age (65+) then Residential: R325 p/m
Age (65+) then Retirement Homes: R270 p/m

How do I obtain a Membership Board?

If you are a new or existing FNA member, you can contact our administration office at 073 945 4987 and we will gladly assist you. Our membership boards are of high quality and add to the aesthetic values of the neighbourhood. It is reflective in the evening and helps the security team to locate your address and assist in need.

Why do you test the water in Fichardt Park regularly?

We started this initiative in 2021 to ensure a high-quality life for residents. This supports our objective of advancing the communal interest of our members. The water is tested by
Test It Labs on a regular basis – results are available on their website,

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Caring Together.
SME Coaching
SME Coaching
SME Coaching

Membership Packages:

Membership Only

  • Residential: R275 p/m
  • Age (65+) Residential: R220 p/m
  • Townhouse Complexes and Retirement Homes: R209 p/m
  • Age (65+) Retirement Homes: R165 p/m

Membership + Orange Bag Service

  • Residential: R380 p/m
  • Age (65+) Residential: R325 p/m
  • Townhouse Complexes and Retirement Homes: R314 p/m
  • Age (65+) Retirement Homes: R270 p/m

Additional Products:

FichNet Radio

R1500 each

Learn More about the FICH-Net Radio Network and how it has helped others.

Membership Board

R150 each
If you are a new or existing FNA member you can contact our administration office on 073 945 4987, we will gladly assist you.

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