Fichardt Park’s crime-free successes

Written by FNA

5 December 2023

This is how we ensure our dedication to our 100% crime-free plan in Fichardt Park.

Fichardt Park was established in 1970. With the establishment of the Fichardt Park Neighbourhood Association in 2010, safety was set as a first priority. The Fichardt Park crime-free plan was initiated in late 2014.

The plan aimed to address the unacceptable high levels of crime. The values in this plan share honesty, etiquette, loyalty and respect. The ultimate vision is to live in a 100% crime-free Fichardt Park.

Over time, we created a well-established and effective security structure headed by our own security managers. The FNA has a 24-hour control room in the neighbourhood. The FNA has signed five service-level agreements with security companies: Fidelity-ADT, Senforce, Securiforce, ITR-SA and Bloemsec.

This system is most unique and the biggest of its kind in South Africa. The South African Police Service, Park Road, has been part of the plan since its introduction in 2014, with the late Brig Ramakhotso signing the operational plan.

Resident involvement is built through participation in the Community Policing Forum. The CPF has become a part of our safety plan, with members performing patrols.

Good communication is essential between all role players, especially during emergencies. We have incorporated an effective and reliable radio network (FICH-Net) to achieve this goal. The FICH-Net radio network has helped us to extend our radio network to the broader community, including schools, hospitals, shopping centres, etc.

We encourage our residents to become involved in this plan; in doing so, every member can assist with the prevention/reduction of crime. There is good co-operation between parties.

Crime information is communicated to the team daily. Patrols and visibility are planned accordingly. This method is tried and tested in crime prevention actions.

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