Bee removal close to Fichardt Park Primary School

Bee Swarm

Written by FNA

8 May 2024

In the interest of our children at Fichardt Park Primary School and residents and visitors around Welthagen Park, the FNA had a beehive removed at the corner of Moffet and Schroeder Street.

Bloemfontein Bee Removals opens the area, removes the queen bee and places her in a beehive; after which the worker bees automatically follow her. The bees are then taken to a safe area to continue with their important role in nature.

The video shows this interesting process of removal.

The bees on the island at Stanton Road and Benade Drive will be removed next. There are still a few points where bee nests have been spotted that will also be attended to.

The FNA acts in the interest of members; therefore it is important that every resident joins the FNA, because everyone in the neighbourhood benefits from the work that the FNA does.

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