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FICH-Net radio


Members of the group report every day and quick communication with network role players ensures quick response to potential crime or safety incidents.


The Zartek ZA-725 Portable Two Way Radio is easy to use and gives you reliable and clear communication. The ZA-725 UHF transreceiver operates at 0.5W on both license-free bands namely 464 MHz consisting of 5 frequencies and 446 MHz consisting of 8 frequencies. This transreceiver is also approved by ICASA to operate on licensed bands from 400 – 470 MHz on 4W of transmitting power.

High strength materials and quality components have been used in the manufacture of this two-way radio to give many years of product use. It is designed for rugged outdoor and industrial use to excel in tough environments. The ZA-725 radio is small and compact for easy handling. Li-ion battery technology and VOX (voice activation) are included amongst many features that enhance performance yet keep the transreceiver easy to operate. A detachable antenna enables external car or house antennas to be used with the radio to extend communication range.