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Newsletter January 2021


Crime Reported in December 2020

Burglary at residential premises

  • Du Plooy Crescent
  • Goosen Street
  • Jan Enslin
  • Olive Grinter DRive
  • Rasher Street
  • Schnehage Crescent

Theft of a motor vehicle

  • Stollreither Street


MMM claims for damaged vehicles

With all the necessary documentation, you can submit a claim to Mangaung Metro Municipality whereby you can hold them responsible for any damage to your car / tires and / or car rims.


  • Client to ensure to note a clear description of loss and/or injury, date of loss and/or injury and vehicle registration details for all parties if applicable.
  • Speedometer reading at time of accident.
  • If you have insurance but wish not to claim from own insurance, obtain an affidavit from the police station confirming such in the event that you do not have insurance submit an affidavit to that effect.
  • Contact details such as cell phone number/landline/email or fax and physical address to be provided.
  • Maximum of (2) two eyewitness statements or contact details if
  • Minimum of 2 quotations for all damaged items e.g., tyres, rims etc. be obtained and submitted.
  • Clear enlarged copy of ID enlarged to A4
  • Clear enlarged copy of Driver’s license enlarged to A4
  • Colour Photos of damages to the vehicle as well as the place where the incident occurred.
  • If injuries have been sustained, provide a medical report confirming the nature of the injuries.
  • Proof of residence. (letter / account)
  • Proof that municipal accounts are up to date. (Municipal account not older than three months – available at enquiries counter)


If all documentation has been compiled to submit a claim, you must send it to the following contacts:

Scan and send to Mandlakazi Sikuza on sikuza@mangaung.co.za

Scan and send to Mosidi Thati on thati@manguang.co.za

Get your form here: http://www.mangaung.co.za/2021/01/15/procedure-process-for-submitting-insurance-claims/


We recycle on Saturday, January 30 from 09h00-11h00.

Bring all your recycled materials to the parking lot at Pick ‘n Pay Southern Center.

Visit http://fichardtpark.org/about-us/services/recycling/ to find out what you can and cannot recycle.

Fichardt Park Waste Removal

Are you familiar with the waste removal boundaries?

 For waste removal purposes, Mangaung divided Metro Fichardt Park into two – North and South.

South means the next border streets: Eric Rosendorf, Olive Grinter, Van Iddekinge and Amie Pretorius and all the other streets that fall within this border. The Casino is on the south side for these purposes. These are in municipal blocks 8-14.

The North means Van Laun, Du Plooy, Van Rippen and Usmar. This includes Benade Drive and all the other streets that fall within the border streets. These are in municipal blocks 1-7.

If you are ever unsure where your group falls, please contact our office. To check where your block falls, please visit https://fichardtpark.org/waste-removal-blocks/

Loadshedding Schedule in Fichardt Park

Group 1 – The area near Bobbiespark – WITH HOSPITAL PARK

Group 3 – South of Hypermarket (Rosepark Hospital, Fichardtpark High School Area) WITH PELLISIER

Group 4 – North of Hypermarket (Fichardtpark Primary School area) WITH WILGEHOF


Loadshedding is….

When there is not enough electricity available to meet the demand from all Eskom customers, it could be necessary to interrupt supply to certain areas. This is called load shedding. It is different from a power outage that could occur for several other reasons.

It is a last resort to balance electricity supply and demand. We will only apply load-shedding when all other options have been exhausted.

It is an effective way to avoid total collapse of the electricity supply grid (a national black-out) which will have disastrous outcomes for South Africa. If unbalances on the power is not managed this could lead to the risk of collapse of the entire power network. If this occurs, it could take more than a week to restore power to the entire country. By rotating and shedding the load in a planned and controlled manner, the system remains stable.

Before load-shedding is applied, Eskom makes use of:

  • Gas and hydro options
  • Contracted and voluntary options with certain large customers to reduce their demand.
  • If all these measures have been exhausted and demand still cannot be met, Eskom will proceed with load-shedding.

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