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Newsletter August 2020


Crime reported in August 2020

Burglary at Residential Premises

  • Greenwood Street
  • Louw Street
  • Vorster Crescent
  • Amie Pretorius Street

Theft out of/from a motor vehicle

  • Louw Street
  • Schnehage Crescent
  • Willie Du Plessis Street

Burglary at Business Premises

  • Du Plooy Crescent 
  • Aucamp Street

Crime tips from the FNA Crime fighting team:

The FNA requests that Fichardt Park residents must be careful and vigilant when arriving or leaving your home during the day as well as at night. When leaving your house, make sure that the necessary precautions are in place to ensure a safe home.

Malcolm Mostert -ENGMarius Vlooh -ENGJeandre swarts -ENG

Which houses are being targeted:

  • Houses with poor lighting.
  • Houses without an alarm system
  • Residences where postal items are not removed regularly

How do they gain access to the yard and the house?

  • Gates are diverted from their tracks.
  • Intruders gain entrance through back doors, front doors, security gates and windows.

What items are targeted during burglaries and thefts?

  • Televisions
  • Laptops
  • Cell phones
  • Jewellery
  • Food

If members notice any suspicious activity, contact the emergency number at 076 277 3022 or make us of the FICH-Net radio network.

– Malcolm Mostert

We welcome our newest additions to the FNA family!

The FNA has officially launched their uniquely branded vehicles. Many thanks to everyone who made a contribution. The FNA now owns a Toyota Corolla, Nissan NP200 pick up and their own tractor to serve our community. Many thanks to every member who made it possible for us to improve our service delivery.
FNA Management



Fichardt Park Neighbourhood Association: helping other neighbourhoods

Dan Pienaar 2020

In August 2020, a group of private residents in Dan Pienaar sought legal advice about withholding monthly billed rates and taxes as a result of the Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality’s poor service delivery. This goes against the Municipal Property Rates Act, No 6 of 2004 that states that property owners must pay rates and taxes regardless of the delivery of services. However, since service delivery is part of a municipality’s constitutional duties, property owners may ask the courts for an interdict to force municipalities to comply

To do this, the group’s lawyer made the following recommendation:

“…owners who receive poor service…should record such issues for example: take photos of garbage bags which are not regularly removed, streetlights that are broken, trees that are not trimmed, water leaks, with specific reference to the date, time and address. ”

Because the group is a new assembly with no prior structure put in place to have obtained such evidence, they approached the FNA, the NNWA and Wild Olive Estate for support. The FNA has an abundance of this type of detailed evidence at hand that can prove invaluable before any court can be approached. As a result, the support from the FNA is likely to make an extremely strenuous process much easier.

This process, according their lawyer, is as follows:

Houses1“A forementioned must be brought under the attention of the relevant department of the Municipality and a proper paper trail must be kept. If no response is received from the Municipality, one must follow up with the Municipality regularly. It must also be brought under the attention of the ward councillor. If the above mentioned does not have the desired effect/result, one must approach the Court.”

The FNA is proud and eager to help other neighbourhoods. They know that strong neighbourhood associations create prosperous neighbourhoods and together they can form a strong coalition for fighting against poor service delivery.

– Chanté Van Biljon



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