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Fichardt Park’s fight against crime

We all need to live and work in a safe environment. In 2014, the Fichardt Park Neighbourhood Association launched our 100% Crime Free Plan. This plan has grown so that we have service level agreements with 7 different security companies today. The cornerstone of this crime plan is the South African Police Service Parkway’s Community Police Forum. This is where crime information is shared and patrols and roadblocks are planned.

It is precisely during these crime prevention patrols that it became clear that much can still be done to create our own crime-free environment. There are too many open gates and garages observed during these patrols. It is each resident’s responsibility to protect his property against crime. This includes movable property such as motor vehicles. Our residents can help by getting involved in our patrols.

Most crimes are committed throughout the day and are opportunistic crimes. Fichardt Park’s crime pattern clearly shows that where there is a lot of human movement there is a higher crime risk. Our malls, hospital and social venues are targeted by these opportunity criminals.

Patrols are the backbone of any good crime prevention plan. Our security team drives an average of 25,000 km of patrols per month. There has been a sharp decline in Fichardt Park’s crime rate since 2014. This is clear evidence that Fichardt Park Neighbourhood Association is doing everything in its power to secure Fichardt Park. Our security team is working on our dream every day to make Fichardt Park a 100% crime-free neighbourhood.

High risk areas currently:

  • Outside Rosepark Hospital: Theft of motor vehicles, theft from cars and the illegal parking of cars.
  • Pick ‘n Pay Southern Centre: Bank Card Theft.
  • Home burglaries: Homes that do not have active alarm systems are targeted.

Do not become part of the crime statistics! Take preventive action by:

Park vehicles in visible and controlled areas to prevent criminals from having an opportunity to commit their crime.

Be mindful when loading or unloading valuable items in your car to people watching you.

Store valuables (such as handbags and laptops) in the boot instead of on seats or where they can be seen with the naked eye.

Keep items that stand around and have value (such as bicycles, garden tools, electronic and mechanical devices) out of sight.

Be careful when using the ATM, do not allow anyone to assist or even see what is happening on the ATM.

Get a security company to improve visibility and safety at your home.

Ensure that all security measures are in place before resting (security gates, garages and windows).

Place lighting around the home, activate alarms.

What influences emergency response time in an emergency?

  • Traffic Conditions
  • Road rules to obey
  • Weather conditions
  • Communication between the client, the control room and the response officer

Malcolm Mostert

FNA’s oldest members from 2010: Uncle Lappies and Aunt Nella Labuschagne

They have been living in Fichardt Park for 32 years and Uncle Lappies was a printer at “The Friend” for 30 years, 23 years of which he worked night shift to under pressure to meet the newspaper’s deadlines to get in on the street the next day.

After 30 years at the newspaper, he switched jobs to run the supplies at Sukofs for 13 years.

Uncle Lappies and Aunt Nella were school-time sweethearts from the ages of 10 and 12 and are blessed to be together for 58 years.

Aunt Nella is the hub for the whole family with a total of 24 grandchildren, including her own children and grandchildren, got their backbone from Grandma Nella who spoiled everyone with her delicious cooking and baking and tons of games.

Uncle Lappies and Aunt Nella agree that the FNA is an excellent organisation that always has their members’ interests at heart and makes sure everything is clean and problem-free and cannot thank Dr David du Toit enough for suggesting them as members.

Alma Fourie

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