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Newsletter February 2021

Crime reported in January 2021

Burglary at residential premises

  • Goosen Street
  • Willie du Plessis Street
  • Benade Drive
  • Gustav Crescent

Theft of a motor vehicle

  • Stollreither Street (Naledi Townhouse)         

Attempted car theft

  • Benade Drive

Theft from motor vehicle

  • Amie Pretorius Street              



  • Promote, protect and expand members’ common interests.
  • Contribution to security for a crime-free neighbourhood
  • Manage the maintenance of public spaces.
  • Represent members and require municipal service delivery and government agencies to enforce laws.
  • Invest for common benefit.


We appeal to our members to report any illegal spills to the office on 073 945 4987.

Take a photo and send it to the office so that the necessary steps can be taken.




We recycle on Saturday, 27 February from 09h00-11h00.

Bring all your recycled materials to the car park at Pick ‘n Pay Southern Center. WE DO NOT ACCEPT GLASS AT THIS STAGE, DUE TO THE LIMITATION IN GLASS PRODUCTION.

 Visit http://fichardtpark.org/af/meer-oor-ons/dienste/herwinning/ to find out what can be recycled.

Fichardt Park Waste Removal

Due to poor service delivery from the municipality, it is time to make a difference!

The non-service delivery from MMM is still challenging for the FWA management. This has a major negative impact on our neighborhood and residents.

Become part of the solution – join our reliable orange bag garbage removal project for only R50-00 per month.

Bags can be purchased at the office for R30-00 per roll.

For any inquiries, call the office on 073 945 4987.

If you are unsure about which part you live in, please contact our offices or you can go and look at the following pages: https://fichardtpark.org/waste-removal-blocks/




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Newsletter January 2021

Crime Reported in December 2020

Burglary at residential premises

  • Du Plooy Crescent
  • Goosen Street
  • Jan Enslin
  • Olive Grinter DRive
  • Rasher Street
  • Schnehage Crescent

Theft of a motor vehicle

  • Stollreither Street


MMM claims for damaged vehicles

With all the necessary documentation, you can submit a claim to Mangaung Metro Municipality whereby you can hold them responsible for any damage to your car / tires and / or car rims.


  • Client to ensure to note a clear description of loss and/or injury, date of loss and/or injury and vehicle registration details for all parties if applicable.
  • Speedometer reading at time of accident.
  • If you have insurance but wish not to claim from own insurance, obtain an affidavit from the police station confirming such in the event that you do not have insurance submit an affidavit to that effect.
  • Contact details such as cell phone number/landline/email or fax and physical address to be provided.
  • Maximum of (2) two eyewitness statements or contact details if
  • Minimum of 2 quotations for all damaged items e.g., tyres, rims etc. be obtained and submitted.
  • Clear enlarged copy of ID enlarged to A4
  • Clear enlarged copy of Driver’s license enlarged to A4
  • Colour Photos of damages to the vehicle as well as the place where the incident occurred.
  • If injuries have been sustained, provide a medical report confirming the nature of the injuries.
  • Proof of residence. (letter / account)
  • Proof that municipal accounts are up to date. (Municipal account not older than three months – available at enquiries counter)


If all documentation has been compiled to submit a claim, you must send it to the following contacts:

Scan and send to Mandlakazi Sikuza on sikuza@mangaung.co.za

Scan and send to Mosidi Thati on thati@manguang.co.za

Get your form here: http://www.mangaung.co.za/2021/01/15/procedure-process-for-submitting-insurance-claims/


We recycle on Saturday, January 30 from 09h00-11h00.

Bring all your recycled materials to the parking lot at Pick ‘n Pay Southern Center.

Visit http://fichardtpark.org/about-us/services/recycling/ to find out what you can and cannot recycle.

Fichardt Park Waste Removal

Are you familiar with the waste removal boundaries?

 For waste removal purposes, Mangaung divided Metro Fichardt Park into two – North and South.

South means the next border streets: Eric Rosendorf, Olive Grinter, Van Iddekinge and Amie Pretorius and all the other streets that fall within this border. The Casino is on the south side for these purposes. These are in municipal blocks 8-14.

The North means Van Laun, Du Plooy, Van Rippen and Usmar. This includes Benade Drive and all the other streets that fall within the border streets. These are in municipal blocks 1-7.

If you are ever unsure where your group falls, please contact our office. To check where your block falls, please visit https://fichardtpark.org/waste-removal-blocks/

Loadshedding Schedule in Fichardt Park

Group 1 – The area near Bobbiespark – WITH HOSPITAL PARK

Group 3 – South of Hypermarket (Rosepark Hospital, Fichardtpark High School Area) WITH PELLISIER

Group 4 – North of Hypermarket (Fichardtpark Primary School area) WITH WILGEHOF


Loadshedding is….

When there is not enough electricity available to meet the demand from all Eskom customers, it could be necessary to interrupt supply to certain areas. This is called load shedding. It is different from a power outage that could occur for several other reasons.

It is a last resort to balance electricity supply and demand. We will only apply load-shedding when all other options have been exhausted.

It is an effective way to avoid total collapse of the electricity supply grid (a national black-out) which will have disastrous outcomes for South Africa. If unbalances on the power is not managed this could lead to the risk of collapse of the entire power network. If this occurs, it could take more than a week to restore power to the entire country. By rotating and shedding the load in a planned and controlled manner, the system remains stable.

Before load-shedding is applied, Eskom makes use of:

  • Gas and hydro options
  • Contracted and voluntary options with certain large customers to reduce their demand.
  • If all these measures have been exhausted and demand still cannot be met, Eskom will proceed with load-shedding.

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Newsletter December 2020

Crime reported in November 2020

Burglary at Residential PremisesNew-FNA-Logo

  • Willie du Plessis Street
  • Piet Kruger Street
  • Schnehage Crescent
  • Rautenbach Street
  • Amie Pretorius Avenue
  • Van Laun Crescent

Theft of a motor vehicle

  • Willie Du Plessis Street
  • Piet Kruger Street

Burglary at Business Premises

  • Castelyn Drive

Theft out of/from a motor vehicle

  • Van Laun Crescent
  • Benade Drive

Crime tips for the festive season from the pen of our general manager

Holiday theft tends to rise in the months of November and December. The best thing to do is to make sure that you secure everything that you can. Lock up cars, trucks and homes.

Here are some tips to protect your home during the holidays:

  1. Leave the lights on

Leave on the outside lights at night. During the day, leave on some of the lights inside of your home.

  1. Creative Disposal

Dispose your present boxes creatively. Fold them flat and bring the boxes to our next recycling morning on Saturday, 9 January 2021.

  1. Who is at the door?

Be cautious when talking to people you are unfamiliar with. If you suspect any suspicious activity, make use of our FICH-net radio network or call the emergency number on 076 277 3022.

-Jacques Meiring

The winner of our summer selfie competition is Ratty!

“Good day, we enjoy our trip to Welthagen Park every afternoon.

We like to swing and glide. ”


Ratty en Chanté


It’s nice to see you guys enjoying the clean and tidy park. We once again say a big thank you to all our role players who keep our parks clean and tidy.

Congratulations to you. Feel free to contact us at the following email address to claim your prize fwafna8@gmail.com

Maintenance in Fichardt Park

We just want to thank 3Sixty who donated 10 drain covers for us.

You make a difference in Fichardt Park!

You make a positive contribution to our vision to make Fichardt Park #aplacetobe. Our infrastructure is very important to us.

Message out of the office!

Happy Holidays!

 Greetings from the FNA team. We faced some unique challenges this year and are deeply grateful to every one of our members for their continued support. Working for our members this year to develop and execute a comprehensive branding strategy for Fichardt Park Neighbourhood Association was one of the most rewarding highlights of the year. Looking forward in 2021 to deliver stellar results for our members again.


Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

FNA General Manager

Jacques Meiring

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Newsletter November 2020

Crime reported in November 2020

Burglary at Residential PremisesNew-FNA-Logo

  • Jan Enslin Street
  • Willie Du Plessis Street
  • Amie Pretorius Street
  • Usmar Street
  • Pieter Conan Street
  • De Jager Street

Theft out of/from a motor vehicle

  • Duff Street
  • Crawford Street

Burglary at Business Premises

  • Liebenberg Street

Theft of motor vehicle

  • Willie Du Plessis Street
  • Rautenbach Street


Our recycling successes

We as the Fichardt Park  Neighbourhood Association want to thank PETCO for the sponsorship of the “recycling” trailer for our reclaiming actions within our neighbourhood and in particular Mrs Belinda Booker, Collections and Training Project Manager
PET Recycling Company NPC and Mr Vhengani Munyayi, Regional Representative: Collections and Training for all the efforts and communications with us regarding this sponsorship. We would also like to thank PETCO for their continuous support on “recycling” actions through awareness brochures and telephone calls 


Bi-monthly recycling Saturdays have been a long-standing practice in our neighbourhood and have even attracted residents from other neighbourhoods! We encourage all our residents to start recycling.

Visit http://fichardtpark.org/about-us/services/recycling/ to find out what you can and cannot recycle.

SafariSouthern Centre Safari Adventure

In early November, Southern Centre launched a three-month campaign full of excitement with various activities offered in the centre. Join Southern Centre on an adventure and stand a chance to win a luxury weekend for four to a game lodge for you and your family. Follow the clues on the entry form available at the main entrance of the centre to find the 10 animals hidden in the shops, list your answers on the entry form and throw it in the competition box.

The competition closes on December 20, 2020 at 12pm.

When you come to do your shopping at Southern Centre during the festive season, be on the lookout for the friendly Safari Elves who will be in the centre during the Christmas period to provide assistance and ensure that every shopping experience is a pleasure!

A free wrapping station for all gifts purchased in the centre will be available every weekend from December until Christmas. Also attend the free Do-It-Yourself workshop on the 12th of December and come find inspiration for all your holiday projects. Then in January there is a Back-to-School competition for the young team where fantastic school gift packs can be won.

Follow the Southern Centre Facebook page for campaign information and much more! https://www.facebook.com/SouthernCentreBloemfontein/

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Newsletter October 2020

Crime reported in October 2020

Burglary at Residential Premises

  • Amie Pretorius Street
  • Willie Du Plessis Road
  • Jan Enslin Avenue

Burglary at Business Premises

  • Liebenberg Street

Theft out of/from a motor vehicle

  • Crawford Crescent
  • Duff Street

Theft of motor vehicle

  • Rautenbach Street

We are Best of Bloemfontein Winners!

Thank you to each and every one who contributed to our success!

Thank you for voting us Best Neighbourhood Association/watch in Bloemfontein for the year 2020 in the Bloemfontein Courant Readers’ Choice Awards.

We strive to provide a sustainable and professional service for all Fichardt Park residents.



Color in with the FNA!New-FNA-Logo

Color in this picture and stand a chance to win a surprise package. Submit the picture on or before November 20, 2020. The winner will be announced in the next newsletter. Remember to add your name and contact details.


The colored picture can be sent to Nadia at fwafna8@gmail.com

The FNA provides assistance to individuals in need affected by the fires in the Free State

DonationsOn Saturday, 24 October 2020, we went to deliver food parcels in Pellisier at TrotsPellisier. The parcels include essential goods i.e. canned food, coffee, cookies, tea, sugar and milk etc.

The donations will be handed over to organizations directly involved in assisting individuals affected by the fires.

We show our deepest sympathy to the people who are going through the difficult time.


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Newsletter August 2020

Crime reported in August 2020

Burglary at Residential Premises

  • Greenwood Street
  • Louw Street
  • Vorster Crescent
  • Amie Pretorius Street

Theft out of/from a motor vehicle

  • Louw Street
  • Schnehage Crescent
  • Willie Du Plessis Street

Burglary at Business Premises

  • Du Plooy Crescent 
  • Aucamp Street

Crime tips from the FNA Crime fighting team:

The FNA requests that Fichardt Park residents must be careful and vigilant when arriving or leaving your home during the day as well as at night. When leaving your house, make sure that the necessary precautions are in place to ensure a safe home.

Malcolm Mostert -ENGMarius Vlooh -ENGJeandre swarts -ENG

Which houses are being targeted:

  • Houses with poor lighting.
  • Houses without an alarm system
  • Residences where postal items are not removed regularly

How do they gain access to the yard and the house?

  • Gates are diverted from their tracks.
  • Intruders gain entrance through back doors, front doors, security gates and windows.

What items are targeted during burglaries and thefts?

  • Televisions
  • Laptops
  • Cell phones
  • Jewellery
  • Food

If members notice any suspicious activity, contact the emergency number at 076 277 3022 or make us of the FICH-Net radio network.

– Malcolm Mostert

We welcome our newest additions to the FNA family!

The FNA has officially launched their uniquely branded vehicles. Many thanks to everyone who made a contribution. The FNA now owns a Toyota Corolla, Nissan NP200 pick up and their own tractor to serve our community. Many thanks to every member who made it possible for us to improve our service delivery.
FNA Management



Fichardt Park Neighbourhood Association: helping other neighbourhoods

Dan Pienaar 2020

In August 2020, a group of private residents in Dan Pienaar sought legal advice about withholding monthly billed rates and taxes as a result of the Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality’s poor service delivery. This goes against the Municipal Property Rates Act, No 6 of 2004 that states that property owners must pay rates and taxes regardless of the delivery of services. However, since service delivery is part of a municipality’s constitutional duties, property owners may ask the courts for an interdict to force municipalities to comply

To do this, the group’s lawyer made the following recommendation:

“…owners who receive poor service…should record such issues for example: take photos of garbage bags which are not regularly removed, streetlights that are broken, trees that are not trimmed, water leaks, with specific reference to the date, time and address. ”

Because the group is a new assembly with no prior structure put in place to have obtained such evidence, they approached the FNA, the NNWA and Wild Olive Estate for support. The FNA has an abundance of this type of detailed evidence at hand that can prove invaluable before any court can be approached. As a result, the support from the FNA is likely to make an extremely strenuous process much easier.

This process, according their lawyer, is as follows:

Houses1“A forementioned must be brought under the attention of the relevant department of the Municipality and a proper paper trail must be kept. If no response is received from the Municipality, one must follow up with the Municipality regularly. It must also be brought under the attention of the ward councillor. If the above mentioned does not have the desired effect/result, one must approach the Court.”

The FNA is proud and eager to help other neighbourhoods. They know that strong neighbourhood associations create prosperous neighbourhoods and together they can form a strong coalition for fighting against poor service delivery.

– Chanté Van Biljon



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Legal action letter

Dear residents

On 2 September 2020, Bloemwater reduced its water supply to the Mangaung Metro. Municipality because of a payment dispute. This caused low water pressure in our water infrastructure, which resulted in little to no water access in many high-lying areas – robbing us of our basic human right to water.

The same situations arose in mid-2019 when water supply was reduced by Bloemwater for non-payment from the MMM. After receiving overwhelming support from the community legal steps (in the form of interdicts) were taken by the Fichardt Park Neighbourhood Association and Trots Pellissier. As a result, an agreement was struck with Bloemwater stating that Bloemwater would give users 30-days’ notice to allow users the opportunity to represent themselves before water supply is affected. Moreover, if Bloemwater were to go forward with the reduction, they are not to reduce the water supply to the point where users would not have water at all.

After the 2 September water supply reduction, we decided to take drastic legal action to prevent any future water reduction as a result of a payment dispute. Although Bloemwater and the MMM reached a payment agreement shortly thereafter, we predict the pattern of non-payment will continue. Therefore, we aim to take on section 4(5) of the Water Services Act (see below). Section 4(5) does not recognise that a payment dispute between two government water providers impacts our human right to water as stated in the constitution. Section 4(5) thus appears to be defective and we wish to test its constitutionality in court.

4(5) Where one water services institution provides water services to  another water services institution, it may not limit or discontinue those services for reasons of non-payment, unless it has given at least 30 days’ notice in writing of its intention to 50
limit water services or 60 days’ notice in writing of its intention to discontinue those water services to—

       (a) the other water services institution;
       (b) the relevant Province: and
       (c) the Minister.

Current institutions involved: the Fichardt Park Neighbourhood Association, Trots Pellissier, The Federation of Governing Bodies of South African Schools (FEDSAS), Bunker Hills Investments 250 (Pty) Ltd., De Stijl Gariep hotel CC, Stonebridge Trading 15 (Pty) Ltd., and Forever Resorts (Pty) Ltd. Bezuidenhouts Incorporated is preparing the application on behalf of these institutions, in cooperation with the Centre for Human Rights at the University of the Free State.

Financial contribution of a minimum of R 100.00 can be paid directly into the FNA account.

Please use Legal fund and neighbourhood as the reference.

Account Name: Fichardtpark Neighbourhood Association
Bank: ABSA
Account number: 9258 718 185

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