We have the most dedicated staff members

Our staff members negotiate on behalf of members for better prices from security companies and Mooirivier Brokers. We’ve even negotiated for a R100 discount for members from Drain Busters. We interact with various MMM departments to ensure service delivery of/for water, electricity, parks and law enforcementWe also communicate with BloemWater as water suppliers and with the South African Police Services. 

Management team

  • Fichardt Park Neighbourhood Association team

    Kobus Olivier: Chairperson

    082 414 6034

    Kobus took up the position of chairperson after esteemed founder and chairperson of the FNA, Johan Snyman, stepped down in 2019. He is a motivated and compassionate leader who wants…...

  • Fichardt Park Neighbourhood Association team

    Louise van Biljon: Financial officer

    073 868 9394

    Louise became involved in FNA leadership shortly after becoming a member in 2016 and with a background in finances, she took up the job of finance administrator. Louise also holds…...

  • Fichardt Park Neighbourhood Association team

    Jacques Meiring: General manager

    060 564 2956

    General Manager Jacques started his career with the FNA in 2015. One of his first tasks was to implement an FNA 100% crime-free plan. His drive to achieve is motivated…...

Core team

  • Fichardt Park Neighbourhood Association team

    Susan van Eck: Senior administrator

    060 567 3538

    Susan is responsible for all the administrative duties at the FNA and has been part of the team since May 2018. Susan is essential to the running of our team’s day-to-day…...

  • Amanda Barnard: Junior administrator

    073 945 4987

    Amanda is responsible for all the administrative duties at the FNA. She has 28 years of admin/client service experience and has also completed several financial courses. The FNA is a…...

  • Nadia Meiring: Public Relations Officer

    071 271 2926

    Nadia started working at the FNA at the beginning of 2020. Nadia currently a first year Masters student in Sociology at NWU. Working with people is my passion. Nadia likes…...

  • Fichardt Park Neighbourhood Association team

    Alma Fourie: Marketer

    060 567 3572

    Alma joined the team in 2018 and has a lifetime of marketing experience. She was responsible for recruiting and entertaining members for the Dirk Fourie Trust in Fynbos and after…...

Operations Manager

  • Marius

    Marius Vlooh: Sierra 2

    076 277 3022

    Marius joined the FNA in Feb 2019. He enjoys all the challenges that being a security manager entails and he is hardworking, honest and straight forward. If you don’t see…...

Security managers

  • Jeandre

    Jeandre Swarts: Sierra 3

    076 277 3022

    Jeandre joined our team in 2019. He was the manager of the armed response unit at Senforce for 4 years before the FNA approached him to join the team. He…...

  • Rian

    Rian Malherbe : Sierra 4

    076 277 3022

    Rian joined the FNA in December the 2020. He worked for ITR for 4 years before joining FNA and has a passion for helping and protecting people. He is always…...


    076 277 3022

    Hi everyone my name is Ruan, I’m the new face you’ll see in the streets of Fichardtpark working alongside my colleagues at the FNA as a security manager. I’m a…...


  • Fichardt Park Neighbourhood Association team

    Duart Hugo

    Duart has 43 years’ experience in nature conservation and environmental management and a member of the FNA. He manages the reclaiming of recyclables in Fichardt Park. The aim is to…...

  • Fichardt Park Neighbourhood Association team

    Johan Horak

    Johan, owner of Horak Enterprises, is responsible for the maintenance of 26 parks and 90 traffic islands....

FICH-Net radio network

  • Fichardt Park Neighbourhood Association team

    Jannie Minny & Johanna Venter

    Jannie and Johanna manage the FICH-Net radio network. They deliver the radio to you personally and explain how everything works in the network. They also continuously monitor the operation of…...